1995 - 2001



"Roland Weiland, a talented artist from Luxembourg (in the heart of Europe) , who had the vision to develop a new interactive art, decided in 1995 to create sculptures which would respond to human being movements by generating sounds."

Already a year later he presented his first creation " WHALE-SONG "
which was a wooden sculpture " brought to live" (generation of sounds)
by touching or caressing it.

Again a year later, with the new sculpture " JUNGLE-ATMOSPHERE ",
Roll was close to reach his goal. This second "Sound Plastic "
reacted to movements of a person with interesting jungle sounds.

Until today Roll Weiland has created a number of "Sound Plastics"
and has realised that the potential for further developments is unlimited.
Unfortunately this can only be achieved if he finds sponsors
who are willing to support him.

Hence, the purpose of this presentation is to find persons interested in
exhibiting or renting the existing plastics, or even in ordering new sculptures.